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Pay To Dig Gems Hunt For Your Own Gems in North Carolina

Are you looking for gem mines in North Carolina that will allow you to pay to dig gems or hunt for your own gems? One such place is at the historic Crabtree Mine at Emerald Village. This mine closed in the 1990's but the dumps and areas surrounding it are available for rock hounds to search and scope out leftover emeralds and other precious gemstones that were left behind. You can use hand tools and pay the $20 fee and get a permit to Pay to Dig Gems and Hunt for your Own Gems in North Carolina.

Just what can you expect to find? All sorts of precious and semi-precious stones and minerals are located in the NC Gem Mines in the area. We have found emeralds, rubies, gold, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, citrine, red jasper, rose quartz, topaz and amazonite in the local areas where you can Pay to Dig Gems Hunt for Your Own Gems in North Carolina.

Isinglass Village Museum pays homage to the gem mining industry in North Carolina and spotlights various area mines and large scale mining operations in the area. We would be happy to recommend some of the area mines or if you'd like browse our Gift Shop for unique gems and jewelry gifts that were crafted by local gemologists and jewelry makers.

Interested in learning about the different mining techniques including Mica Mining and Flume Mining? Click to read about the Western NC Attractions at Isinglass Village Museum. We also sell and exhibit unique North Carolina Antiques including one of the oldest generators in Avery County.

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